Heinz KURZ GmbH Medizintechnik manufactures and sells ENT devices worldwide. This company is  in particular focused on passive middle ear implants/prosthesis for ossiculoplasty in titanium and nitinol. Its range of partial-, total- or stapes prosthesis includes celebrated CliP and Ball-joint designs, and provides a high MR safety level


Partial prostheses are prostheses that assume the presence of an undamaged and mobile stapes. Total prostheses are used when only an intact and mobile stapes footplate is available.


Because of the manufactured purity and shape the KURZ® pure titanium permits intraoperative adaptation of the prosthesis by simple bending, a feature that saves time, keeps things simple and serves individual anatomical situations.


Upper Eyelid Implant Gold (Oberascher)

Implantation of a Kurz Upper Eyelid Implant enables optimal lid closure in cases of facial nerve paralysis or upper eyelid traction, particularly in case of dysthyroid orbitopathy. The effect is produced by gravitational pull of the implant.


TVFMI™ Titanium Vocal Fold Medializing Implant (Friedrich design)

Designed for external vocal fold medialization using an operative approach developed, simplified and standardized by Prof. Gerhard Friedrich M.D. (Graz, Austria) . Because of its cleverly simple and precisely engineered design, the TVFMI™ implant makes a vast multiplicity of shapes and sizes redundant. In fact, just two sizes (one for men, one for women) suffice to develop the variety of adaptations that may be required during surgery.


Breathe Implant àWengen

The nasal valve contributes 50% of total airway resistance within the respiratory tract when it is functioning normally. When nasal valve narrowing or inspiratory collapse are present, serious respiratory insufficiencies are the result.

To achieve consistent correction of nasal valvular dysfunction caused by aging, trauma, prior rhinoplasty, and septal anomalies, the Breathe Implant àWengen dilates the nasal valve and permanently stabilizes the lateral soft tissue.



Prosthesis instability or dislocation are inherent risks associated with total middle ear ossiculoplasty with an absent incus and missing stapes suprastructure. During surgery, additional complications may arise due to each patient's unique anatomical features, which often make it difficult and cumbersome to achieve an optimal connection with the stapes footplate.


Angular CliP® Prosthesis

The innovative Angular CliP® Prosthesis standardizes the connection to the stapes capitulum. The built-in resilience of its eight prongs assures a secure fit even in cases of less than ideal positioning.


CliP Partial FlexiBAL®

Imitating the natural micro-movements of ossicular joints to compensate movements of the tympanic membrane has been a challenge since modern tympanoplasty prostheses were first introduced. In addition, scar contractions and new tissue growth during the first months following implantation may influence the final positioning of prosthesis, tympanic membrane and affected middle ear structures.


Tuebingen Type Ventilation Tubes

These tubes are often used for medium/long-term ventilation. them. KURZ® Tuebingen ventilation tubes have an outstanding performance record of more than 30 years due to their excellent biocompatibility and patient tolerance.


The Tuebingen Type tubes are available in the materials: Gold-Platinum, gilded Silver and Titanium. With or without rear support wire.