All components of FENTEX endoscope are designed and manufactured in Germany strictly according to GMP standards. FENTEX only uses the finest quality materials including medical grade stainless steel for tubes and housings and other leakage resistant materials for optimal corrosion protection and high durability.


FENTEX is specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of surgical instruments, implants and visualization systems for surgery in the head& neck area.


Especially in this part of the human body with its anatomical and functional complexity and high aesthetic demands special skills are required.


FENTEX hand-instruments and endoscopes are exclusively German-made products, manufactured by highly skilled master craftsmen. It takes only the finest quality materials. Meticulous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process ensure consistent quality and durability.


FENTEX maintains a close cooperation with all of the medical specialists involved in head & neck surgery, including ENT-, Otolaryngologists and Plastic Surgeons. This cooperation allows them to precisely adapt the instrument and match it with the requirements of a particular operational technique. It also ensures that the latest developments are being consistently incorporated into their products.


They market their products worldwide through highly qualified specialist dealers thus achieving a maximum in local customer-service and support. Their organization is open to suggestions from clinical users and demand for custom made devices.