Atos Medical was founded in 1986 and today has a vast international network with subsidiaries in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland and also exclusive distributors serving about 60 countries. The head office is situated in Sweden, where a state-of-the-art clean room and laboratory make it possible to perform all tests required for successful R&D.


Atos Medical started the research and development on the first Provox voice prosthesis in 1987. Throughout the years, we have worked hard to develop Provox as the leading voice and pulmonary rehabilitation system for laryngectomized patients on the market. We continue to allocate substantial resources for product development and training programs for Ear, Nose and Throat specialties. Our goal is clear: Atos Medical will continue to lead development within the entire ENT area.


Atos Medical products and expertise are developed in close cooperation with leading institutions, doctors, researchers, speech language pathologists and patients from all over the world.


Since 1995, Atos Medical has been offering our laryngectomee patients high quality Provox® products and services to the US market. We continued to expand these products in 1997 by bringing you new technologies in voice restoration and pulmonary rehabilitation with the Provox 2 Voice Prosthesis line and Provox HME Cassettes.

Atos Medical will continue to work hard to provide our patients with the highest quality of life possible.





The Provox® voice prosthesis ("Provox® 1")

The original Provox voice prosthesis was released in 1990 to provide an advanced indwelling prosthesis with low airflow resistance and extended device lifetime for tracheoesophageal voice restoration. The voice prosthesis is supplied with a Provox® Guidewire for retrograde insertion.


Provox® 2

The second-generation Provox prosthesis (Provox2) was introduced in 1997. Provox2 is a low-resistance, indwelling silicone voice prosthesis that can be inserted.


Provox® Vega - the standard has been raised

All three diameters* of the Provox Vega protheses have been designed to maximize airflow to help reduce speaking effort.


Provox XtraHME

After a total laryngectomy, you breathe through a stoma which means that cold, dry air is inhaled directly into the lungs. This often results in undesirable side effects such as increased coughing and mucus production, sleeplessness and other social implications.


Provox® FreeHands HME® for hands-free speech

The Provox FreeHands HME combines an HME with an easy-to-operate automatic tracheostoma valve that lets you speak without having to manually close the stoma. It has an automatic, reusable Multi-Magnet and Multi-Valve System that helps keep the speech valve closed while you are speaking. Whenever you cough, the cough-relief valve opens and closes automatically


Provox Adhesives

Provox Adhesive base plates are designed to hold the Provox HME Cassette, Provox FreeHands HME, Provox Micron HME and Provox ShowerAid in front of the tracheostoma, and to provide an optimized seal to the skin around the stoma.