The Pars Teb Dana company has established by the efforts of Mr.Ali Mahfouzi and numbers of outstanding individuals in medicine, pharmaceutical and management societies in Iran.


At the beginning our company was activated on general medical consumption items but then because of the successive achievement processes, our company promote its activities on surgical equipments and now we are honored of giving services to patients and doctors and supply their required exclusive cases.


Pars Teb Dana is the agency of 4 international considerable companies on specialized ear, pharynx and nose fields and it also is the agency of some Iranian and foreign countries companies on general medical consumption fields which the most important of them are:


Dantschke medical:

the producer of any kind of ENT units and specialized chairs / ENT / Germany


Fentex medical:

the producer of any ENT surgerical equipments and systematic medical sets. Germany


Kurz company:

the producer of titanium prosthesis for middle earand etc …. Germany


Atos medical:

the producer of vocal larynx prosthesis, ear prosthesis and etc …. Sweden